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Our clients are grateful for our input in the process of growing their online businesses and they provide us with their testimonials to let you know just how we helped them.

Mary Smith, Australia, 35

I was desperate because I couldn’t go over 5 visits a week in my online business. After being attended by Kai and his team of professionals, they guided me with the best options to optimize my business.

Applying them, I went from 5 visits a week to 200. I know that by following all their recommendations I will continue to grow rapidly in an organic way. Thank you, Kai Wall, for this wonderful idea.

Carlos Salamanca, México, 42

Chris, who assisted me, designed a strategic marketing plan in a way that was easy for me to understand despite the language barrier. In one month, I learned everything I needed to know about positioning my business, which I had been struggling with for several years. Do not hesitate to use Popular Design’s services.

Matthew González, Canada, 32

Thanks to Popular Design and Pamela, my SEO consultant, I was able to make better use of social media for my online shoe business. Now I feel fully prepared to take on the responsibility that comes with maintaining an online business. I recommend Popular Design.

Lily Jones, Australia, 40

With Popular Design and my advisor Chris, I gained a better understanding of everything related to web hosting and I created the page of my dreams. It’s just like everything I had imagined and now I know how to manage my business and develop my brand.

Sophie Wilson, Canada, 23

The sales of my online clothing business grew in a way I never thought it was possible. Do not hesitate to get help from Popular Design’s team, you won’t regret it.